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Found some more videos I really thought were great:

Is this in my head?

Where is the love?

Wall of Me

Gift of Worship

I Was Here

A Man In A Hole

He Was

It Is Well Within My Soul

Your Words

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I found some more videos that I like! I hope you do too :-) Unfortunately most of them have watermarks over them but you can still appreciate them.

Christmas and Advent – Love the way the song is sang in this one (if ANYONE knows who sings this version of the song, I would LOVE to know!!)

Come Awake – Love the song and the way it builds and builds towards the climax… the ending is the best so watch it all the way!

Letting Go – Very well shot and a good message

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Here are some great christian videos I’ve found for churches to use… or for churches to use as ideas to make their own videos.

I like christian videos that actually SAY something… that have the ability to touch you to the core of who you are, like a great song can. I think funny videos can get a message across and be good for certain moments, but most of the time, after watching them and having a laugh, you walk away feeling entertained, but not changed. So these videos I’m listing are not funny… SORRY!! :-)

  • Once was lost, but now am found (too specific to use for a church service since its footage from an actual church, but its GREAT to get your creative juices flowing… and very powerful)
  • Rain (great message that I think everyone should hear)
  • Lord’s Supper (pretty long for a lords supper intro video BUT the idea behind it is VERY inspirational)
  • Just A Thought (good for getting people to think about what’s going on in other countries)
  • Lump (this is just a preview but its worth buying the full version)
  • Walking
  • In God’s Hands (this one is REALLY depressing… and if you don’t cry… your not human! but honestly, I am awed by Christian’s that have awful things happen to them, and instead of blaming God and running from Him, they run TO him. Same with people who are sick. Its not the prayer that says “I know you will heal me God and I trust that you will” that impresses me. Its the prayer that says “God, even if you decide not to heal me in this life, I will still trust you completely” that stops me dead in my tracks every time. Whoops! I didn’t mean to turn this into a sermon!)
  • Jesus calms the storm (I really like how this one relates Jesus’ actions and words with present day happenings)

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