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I’m a 29 year old, funny (in my own mind, of course), christian motion and graphic designer… who is attempting to offer something of meaning to the Christian community involved in digital media. So here is a quick summary (and keep in mind, I’m NOT a writer, unless what I write sounds REALLY good and then yes, I am a professional author/genius… who just had to look up the word ‘genius’ in google to make sure I spelled it right! Thanks google spellcheck! ha) I really just write how I talk, so if you hate that, consider yourself warned.

Started http://www.mychurchwebsite.com, http://www.christiancollages.com, and http://www.imagination2reality.com over the past 3 years. God has done some amazing things in my life through these businesses, and the feedback I’ve been getting from everyone has been really encouraging! I’m a big believer in finding your God-given gifts and using them to help His kingdom. It’s the most rewarding thing when you’re able to do that. But… I got burnt out… felt isolated… after working non-stop from home for 3 years straight, from 9am-midnight… so I took a break. During the break I really have been able to catch my breathe and now, am bringing to the net a new site called Christian Collages Video that is going to be selling worship background video loops. I can’t wait!! Ive been working on it non stop this whole summer (Yes, that is what I do when I “stop working”. I work some more! Ha. No, I dont consider this new site “work.” Its just plain FUN).



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  1. Sam Says:

    I was interested to stumble across your sites today, and especially some of the more personal stuff. I was a career missionary till a year ago when I started my own website business, in part as a step towards increasing my focus on my God-given gifts and passions.

    I love the potential the web holds as a tool for Christians! My passion for God outweights my passion for my business though, so I see a move back to the ministry in my future.

    Btw, I’m 29, married, and funny (and my wife tells me that’s only in MY own mind). =)

  2. Mike Says:

    Ha!! Thanks for the great comments sam :-) That’s cool to see other people who are trying to do the same thing with their gifts. Most people don’t get to make a career out of it… actually I should say, most people don’t TRY to make a career out of it. I truly believe the limits we have are self imposed usually. I KNOW we need people out in the work world as a witness… but after people are done working for the day, they are tired… and usually don’t have much time to do anything else. So SO many gifts get wasted unfortunately.

  3. Sam Says:

    I know what you mean! My life verse is Matthew 6:33: don’t live to work, live to follow God. It’s so easy to get that backwards though (the “logical” way).

    On the mission field I limited myself by doing what I thought was most effective for God’s kingdom, regardless of my personal gifts. Then I got to the place where I realized that God’s kingdom was too much responsiblity for little old me, but what I could do is throw myself into my gifts and trust God to use me for His kingdom.

    So here we are, back in the States, not sure about a lot of things, but certain we are going to keep living God’s illogical, risk adventure.

  4. J. Aaron Says:

    Wow! I just stumbled across your site, and I’m blown away. I’m currently a youth pastor but feel God leading me to do ministry outside of that context–I’m planning right now on attending a 2yr. school for web design, and the stuff I see on each of your sites are EXACTLY the kinds of things that I see God leading me to down the road! It’s been encouraging looking at how God has used your gifts and business for his Kingdom…

    What advice can you offer?!?! How did you get started?? Any book recommendation or websites that you use or would be helpful?!

  5. Mike Says:

    Hey J, thanks for the encouragement! :-) I was actually writing an article on how I got started and such but I got sidetracked and never finished it. Plus I feel weird talking about myself so personally… like that I expect people would WANT to read it. But maybe I will post it if I ever finish it.

    I hate to say this cause it sounds SO cliche, but its true… God really brought me into this. I knew what my gifts were but never really used them. Finally God got me to a place where I HAD to use them and rely on Him for results. And it just all came together. It was very cool to see!

    What you really need to do is find a way where you stand out from all the other website providers offering the same things. What will your niche be? For me, it was the designs. That’s my speciality.

  6. shawn Says:

    Mike, I came across your site today in researching ideas for my own church website. I was in ministry for 3 years and as in most ministry positions I took on the task of trying to layout a website. I did not have formal training and have been teaching myself on the layout and design. How did you get started? What you have done is what I want to look at doing. I am just on my second site and already have someone asking to do their church. I get by but want tips on expanding my knowledge base. Your story is really encouraging and may God continue to bless the work he has given you and the vision. http://www.faithbiblealaska.org

  7. Mike Says:

    Hey Shawn, thanks for the kind words :-)

    As far as how I got started with the design part, I first started when I was 16, messing around with photoshop. I instantly fell in love with it! However I was just manipulating images, the web didn’t really exist in its current form back then so I wasn’t doing any web design.

    I did go to school for digital media BUT I didn’t learn that much unfortunately. Most of what they taught I had already known just from playing around with photoshop and flash myself.

    In my opinion, you either have design skills or you don’t. Anyone can learn photoshop but not anyone can design something nice. HOWEVER, the best thing I can recommend you do is find nice sites you like online and try to re-create them in photoshop. Over time, as you create and recreate sites, you’ll get better and better. Do NOT settle on mediocrity. Keep designing. Maybe buy a nice template from template monster and play around with it.

    My early sites were not that good but as I kept doing it and imitating sites that did look good, I was able to get better. I’m still far from where I want to be but at least I’m making progress (or so I tell myself! haha).

    Hope that helps! Mike

  8. CC Scholz Says:

    I am very interested in starting my own website business. I love the whole design process and I am often saddened by the presence of many church websites. I have dabbled in some web design, and I would love to know where to begin. I have already taken some web development classes and I want to “express” my concept of design. Now I feel like I am blithering.

    The reason behind my desire to venture out is due to a work related injury that has put me on my back for most of each passing day. I still look at this as an opportunity to grow, prosper, and work in my passion.

    CC Scholz

  9. Chuck Says:


    I am a 36 year old minister. I planted a church 4 years ago but have burnt out. I have spent the last six months strugling with my own web company. I have been watching you work for some time now and have used your work as my new standard. I have jumped in with both feet and would love it if you could give pointers out to all of us.

    I have no other job and no other income. It has forced me to push harder to increase my skill level. Thank you for setting the bar high enough to where I believe I can make a living at this once and for all.


  10. Mike Says:

    Hey Mike I like how you started 3 different businesses utilizing your same skills within graphic design. I myself like web design and motion graphics. What would you recommend I start off doing? I figure web design would be a more stable income. I have a pretty good day job, although it’s in a field that I’m not particularly interested in and feel that I could best utilize my artistic talents. I don’t know if I could start doing a website business because one thing is I won’t really be able to offer customer support if I’m working during the day. Also if it’s not to much to ask can lead me to a good source to learn css.

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