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So I’ve added quite a few new church websites to my portfolio lately and I’m pretty happy with how they all came out. I’m just about burned out creatively though so I will probably take a few new clients this month and then not take any more for the rest of the year. I wanted to post some random musings though:

1. I’ve just discovered FLICKR and I love it (yes I’m about 10 years behind)! Here are some great christian designs Ive found http://www.flickr.com/photos/51204974@N00/favorites/

2. Sites everywhere are stealing my content AND graphics from mychurchwebsite.com! Grrrrr. PLEASE don’t steal my content. I wrote and designed it all myself and even though its not THAT great, its still my own :-) I find it hilarious when they take personal content I wrote that only applies to ME and post it on their site.

3. Gospel Software contacted me and asked me to be an affiliate. I just might do so… but if anyone wants to check them out, they are at http://www.gospelsoftware.com. Let me know if you have a good experience with them. The people behind it are real great guys, that I know. They offer:

  • Directory › An online photo directory & member database for your church.
  • GuestView › A complete guest management solution for your church.
  • SongBook › Manage your church’s worship songs and set lists.

4. I made this book thing a while ago and never finished it http://www.noperfectpeople.com/book/. It was supposed to be a way to reach people with the gospel in a creative way but I never got inspired enough to continue work on it. If anyone has any ideas or wants to try their hand at it, let me know. We really need creative way to do so online. There isnt much out there that I’ve seen that’s any good.

5. I always get asked if I can recommend anyone good to design a church site when I am not taking clients. Although I can’t recommend anyone you do get what you pay for, so be careful. I would stay away from anyone offering full flash sites. I would stay away from anyone that doesn’t have a portfolio readily available to view. I would stay away from anyone that is offering the world to you because no one is the best at EVERYTHING.
6.  I can’t believe I’m still number 1 in google and yahoo for church website design! Its been like 3 years since I got up there! It is truly a blessing :-)
7. My IPHONE is my best friend, is that so wrong? :-p My favorite games right now on it are: Peggle, Bobby Carrot 2, Flight Control, and DoodleJump.


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5 Responses to “Musings of Church Website Designer”

  1. Kudzai Kativu Says:

    Your site designs are great, and really inspiring. I’m also as (fairly new) designer, and often look at your work for inspiration. Thanks for the blog.


  2. Leanah Says:

    I can’t believe you just found Flickr! It’s one of my first RSS feeds. Good stuff there.

  3. James Says:

    Hey Mike,

    You do awesome work! I too often visit your website for inspiration and often times encouragement. If only some people would learn how to view creative talent and use it as inspiration to come up with their own designs rather than stealing someone else’s. Now true some things may look similiar only because there are only so many ways a webpage can look, but it’s obvious when someone completely steals your work and doesnt attempt to change a single thing.

    And about the encouragement part…I’ve been working with local churches, businesses, and other people for about two years now, helping them with developing an online presence. My goal is to eventually launch my own website and try to run an actual business out of it, but I get so wrapped up in building websites for people I know for little to no money it doesn’t seem like I will ever be able to do that. When I get discouraged I like to visit your website and say “one day…” and hope I can have an impact like you have.

    Keep up the good work and May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  4. Mike Says:

    Thanks James! I appreciate that! My job really isnt as glamorous as it sounds though. Yes I get to have the opportunity to work from anywhere and be my own boss, but you have to have ALOT of time to devote and always be around for your customers. So I constantly have to check my email even when I am away. So it definitely has its tradeoffs.

    When I started though I did the websites real cheap. Around $350!! But I could not keep up with demand and that’s why I have had to keep raising my prices. It’s good to start out though doing websites for others for little so you can practice and get good. Thats how I started too before this whole church website business.

    God bless! Mike

  5. Leanah Says:

    I just looked at the book. Beautiful imagery. I hope you get inspired to finish it, Mike. It looks very promising.

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