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I know what its like to have 2 million dollars in my stock account and I know what its like to have 0 dollars in my stock AND bank account! Ive made it all and lost it all, over and over. And I have to admit, the times when I was the happiest was when I had alot of money. But was I fufilled? Absolutely not. It was never enough, even with all the great “christian” intentions I had for the money. I always wanted just a LITTLE more, so I could help that person down the street with some need. Thats how I rationalized it. I was going to use the money for GOD! But money has a subtle way of stripping us of that close relationship with God. The more we have, the less reliant on God we become to provide. And in losing that, we miss out on so much spiritual growth. 

I’m not saying having money is bad. There really is ALOT of good that can be done with money. I know this. But when I see the stock market collapsing and people losing jobs and life savings, I can only see that as a good thing for our country, spiritually. Why? Because we will come to see God as the provider. We will stop trusting in money for our security. We will see more opportunities to show the love of Christ to people who are in need.

I don’t recommend books very often but I have to here. This book has really changed my attitude about this topic and so much else. Its gotten me back into the Word. Its refocused me on my mission in this life. The book is ‘crazy love’ and its website is at www.crazylovebook.com. You can order it at amazon.com. Even if you don’t get the book, at least watch his videos on the official website for the book. I’m telling you, it will change your life in some way!

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