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Found some more videos I really thought were great:

Is this in my head?

Where is the love?

Wall of Me

Gift of Worship

I Was Here

A Man In A Hole

He Was

It Is Well Within My Soul

Your Words

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2 Responses to “More Good Christian Videos”

  1. J. Aaron Says:

    It’s August… it’s been 10 months since your post about something new that you have been working on… I was just curious how it’s coming…

    I did quit my job at the church–school starts monday for web-design…

  2. Mike Says:

    Unfortunately I had to put it on hold because I havent been able to get all the pieces in place. I’m trying to find a good young christian writer with a heart for reaching lost people… maybe I should post a blog article about it.

    Plus, I’ve been really busy still trying to get websites up from when I took on 9 new clients in February. Some churches are just really slow :-/

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