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I have invested in the creation of a new volunteer management tool for my church website clients! There is nothing like it out there for the general public, which is what forced me to pay to have one created. I am thinking about selling it to all churches who use joomla as their CMS, perhaps later in the year, if their is enough demand for it. The features are:

• Add all your volunteer opportunities by filling out a simple form for each opportunity
• Allow outside people to submit volunteer opportunities to your website for you to approve or disapprove
• Allow anyone (or only registered users) to sign up for any volunteer opportunity
• Keep track of each person signed up for each volunteer opportunity
• Search for volunteer opportunities by ministry, interest, serving times, and location
• Send mass email to everyone signed up for a particular volunteer opportunity
• Receive email confirmations when someone has signed up for your volunteer opportunity

Okay the demo is here (at least the frontend)!! It goes to an actual website so do not submit anything to it please. Its at http://www.oursaviours.com/component/option,com_volunteer/Itemid,73/   *Link is now working*

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11 Responses to “Volunteer Management Software”

  1. Eric Normandin Says:

    What an excellent idea. We are always having trouble the administration of our lay ministry positions. A tool like this would be invaluable for managing the various ministries within the church (i.e. nursery schedule, Sunday school, etc.).

  2. Felix Says:

    I’m interested in the volunteer module for Joomla!

  3. Brian Teeman Says:

    This sounds very interesting for a project I amworking on for a group of non-profits and religious groups I am working for in England.

    Sadly the demo wasnt working

  4. Olu Owolabi Says:

    I am intrested in the Volumteer COmponet as well. The demo link is not working.

    Thank you

  5. Mike Says:

    Okay link is working again!

  6. Andrew Says:


    Where does this stand as far as being able to get this add on?


  7. Ken Bosveld Says:

    Nicely done — I’m looking to add something similar to fellowshiphall.ca, which is being built to serve the Christian community in southern Ontario — I suspect many communities need such a place for agencies to post volunteer opportunities — there are actually quite a few people who would be willing to volunteer, but they simply don’t know where their time and talents are needed.

  8. Pastor Dan Walker Says:


    I’m working on converting our church site to a Joomla site (old site: http://www.full-life.org). I like the news scrollers you have on your sites. I am having trouble in Joomla 1.0.12 with the links from the news scroller (itemid=1 problem). How do you get the news links to go to desired menu link, rather than just display on the frontpage? I know it’s a technical question, but I’m beating my head against the wall and you must have a simple solution or I’m missing something obvious. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

  9. ade Says:

    interested in component…

  10. Linda Wilson Says:

    I am interested in the cost of this module, and its availability. Can you comment on these?

  11. Mike Says:

    I think if I release it, it will be encrypted to only work on one domain name. I’m just worried about it getting out there and people taking it and using it for their own business. It would probably cost $95.00 for the whole thing. The problem is the person who programmed it is no longer available so I can’t update it or change it if you run into a problem. But so far I haven’t heard of anyone running into problems.

    So in saying that… if anyone is STILL interested in it, please contact me on my support page at http://www.mychurchwebsite.com/support.html

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