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I found a great little free program that will convert your sermon to a great sized mp3 file. You can follow the instructions here:

You will first need to download and install this free program called Switch and download the free version.

Once installed, run it.

Click on the ‘add files’ button at the top.

Choose your cdrom drive and double click on track01.cda. Your file will now be listed in the switch program under ‘source file.’

In the ‘output folder’ field at the bottom of the switch program, choose a folder you would like to output the file to.

In the ‘output format’ dropdown menu, choose mp3.

Now click on ‘encoder settings…’ which is next to the ‘output format’ dropdown menu.

Keep it checked on constant bitrate. Choose 24 from the ‘bitrate (kbps)’ dropdown menu. Keep ‘high quality encoding’ checked.

At the bottom of this popup box, make sure the ‘stereo encoding’ dropdown menu is set to mono.

Click OK.

Now click the convert button at the top right of the program and you are done! The file should be anywhere between 6-11mb, which is perfect for a 35 minute or longer sermon that needs to be uploaded to your website.

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2 Responses to “Converting sermons to mp3”

  1. Colette Says:

    This software worked great! My compressed sermon audio files went down from 20 MB to 8 MB. I was also able to use the settings Mike mentions with our Sony software and it worked just as well.

    What do you recommend for sermon video files? What is a typical size of an optimized 40 minute sermon video?

    I will be converting the video to .flv files to use with a flash player on our website.

  2. Taylor Says:

    I use it every week to post my churches sermons on the website! It works great!

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