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I found some more videos that I like! I hope you do too :-) Unfortunately most of them have watermarks over them but you can still appreciate them.

Christmas and Advent – Love the way the song is sang in this one (if ANYONE knows who sings this version of the song, I would LOVE to know!!)

Come Awake – Love the song and the way it builds and builds towards the climax… the ending is the best so watch it all the way!

Letting Go – Very well shot and a good message

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After creating over 70 church websites over the past 2 years, each with their own different needs, I want to share with you some thoughts on what I’ve seen that hopefully will help those building a new church website. So here are both my observations and tips:

1. By far, the most popular page on a website is your calendar. So make SURE your calendar page looks nice, is easy to navigate, and fits in with the design of your site.

2. Audio sermons are actually the 2nd most popular part of a church website (if they have them). So its a good idea to do some research if you don’t know how and start getting your sermons online. 98% of church sites I’ve been to are giving them away for free. Personally, I’m against churches trying to sell their sermons online to download. It doesn’t cost the church anything to put up an audio file. And a lot of times you want to send the sermon to a friend, who will NOT want to pay for it. Read the rest of this entry »

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