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Finally, something that’s never been done! (or if it has, I definitely can’t find it ANYWHERE)

Do you ever feel so completely exhausted… not because you’re tired physically… but because you can’t stop thinking about something… over… and over.. and over? When you go to sleep you think about it, when you’re working through the day, you think about… when your trying to just relax, you think about… and it consumes you… and it drains you… and you have no idea how to make it stop. THIS is my brain. Everyday. For the past 2 years. Desperately trying to think of ways to use my God given gifts to reach people for Christ. My gosh, there are SO many books out on how to reach people, its almost mind numbing in and of itself. And yet, we still seem to be losing the battle here in America. But finally… today… I think God gave me something! And I hope to be able to share it with the online world sometime next year when its complete. There is no one doing anything like this in the christian world! Bits and pieces exist all over the web, yes, but no one has put together everything in such a way as to really grab the imagination and the attention of people who are lost.

And its not the people that are going to church I’m trying to reach. It’s primarily for those people that won’t step foot in a church for whatever reason. It’s for those people who are exceedingly hurting and do not know WHAT to do. It’s for Christian’s too… those that need encouragement… those that have lost their way, like we all do at some point. I know this won’t reach everyone, and I KNOW God is the one that ultimately changes the persons heart… but we are not doing enough. I’m not doing enough. I’m just so… tired… of the church hoping people will come to them to find out how to be saved or to learn about Jesus. I feel like we need to go to the people (and I’m not bashing the church… I know some churches really do try to do alot of outreach in creative ways). I mean, if we REALLY believe that Jesus is the only way, and those without Him will be separated from Him for eternity in hell, why are we, why aren’t *I* more desperate in trying to share the gospel with people. I think the average christian is afraid to alot of times. We don’t know what to say. We don’t want to come off as being “holier than thou.” We… have SO many excuses why we don’t. We are afraid. Well I say, DO IT AFRAID then. And I say that as a reminder to myself too. But I think this tool, at least I hope this tool will enable Christians to more easily reach people… as well as a resource for people who aren’t Christians to find this and be affected.

So stay tuned!

Update 09/18/07: I haven’t been able to work on this project that much as a result of not being able to make connections with the right people. I hope that when I can devote more time to this project, and the time is right, God will bring the right people into my path. In the meantime, I’ve been working on a brand new website for churches to use to download worship video backgrounds.

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  1. Lee Says:

    Your observation is very true. This is largely due to the fact that many christians are not educated in the proper techniques of evangelism. Not neccessarily walking door to door, but simple means of using one’s personal gifts and talents for spreading the word of God. I am very interested in hearing what your innovated idea will be. Please keep us al posted.

  2. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the comments lee! I agree completely… I think that’s exactly it. We aren’t all talented speakers or gifted in every area and as christians, we often use our weaknesses as excuses not to witness. But I think if we really seek hard enough, each of us has our own special gifts, and every single gift can be used in one way or another to reach people for christ… or at least disciple those who are new to the faith (which I think is JUST as important).

  3. Mike Says:

    More power to you, whatever the project may be that you’re refering to. I know I look forward to seeing it! I completely agree with you and Lee on your evaluation of most churches and their lack of passion for the lost. In my opinion, so many churches ( at least here in the Midwest ) have more of a “country club” mentality — in other words, a “this-is-OUR-church” mentality. Or as a former colleague of mine once said: “Us four; no more; bar the door!”
    But PLEASE don’t become discouraged. Since God’s brought you this far in two years ( and the Enemy DOESN’T want you to succeed in reaching the lost!), then God will certainly continue to bless your ministry and your outreach.
    I’ve found that for all the different books and workshops and strategies on evangelism and outreach, by far the most powerful approach is that of personally “letting your light shine” –imagine that! Doing just what God told us to do, and it works! It’s not so much doing the “right” thing ( which, I think, is why so many people are afraid to reach out – “What if I do something WRONG!?!?” ); it’s simply doing SOMETHING. Telling someone who’s going through difficult times that you’re praying for them — WOW! does THAT have a powerful impact on someone who’s struggling without the Savior in their day-to-day life! I could go on, but you’re a busy man creating all these great resources for those of us who are “creatively challenged” – meaning, I can’t do anything artistic if my life depended on it! Maybe you don’t see it this way, but you’re witnessing week in and week out to probably THOUSANDS of people through your ministry of visual artistry. Yes, many of those thousands already have a relationship with Jesus — but I can guarantee you that in the two partner churches which I have the privilege to serve, we have DOZENS of visitors / seekers every week, and using your visuals has a dynamic spiritual impact on them!
    Thanks again, Mike – both for your ministry and your love for the lost. God’s blessings on your busy week,
    Mike from Green Bay

  4. Mike Says:

    Wow mike, thank you so much for your encouragement. That really means alot to me to know there are people out there like you!

    The project I am working on has begun… but I am stuck on trying to figure out how best to work it. Please pray that God will help me move farther along and get past this big bump. I refuse to stop and give up. And trust me, satan has a GREAT way, if he can’t stop you, he will distract you. So that’s why I had to stop taking new clients too.

    Thanks again mike! Cool name by the way :-p


  5. J. Aaron Says:

    I just posted a comment after reading a little about you, and said that God’s leading me away from my job as a youth pastor to pursue web/graphic design… This post is exactly why… okay, not EXACTLY why (seeing as how I have no idea what it is that you’re working on) but the frustrations you have with Christianity today in America are the exact reasons that I feel God calling me to step out of the full-time vocational church context: To go out to meet with those who need Christ, or need encouragement… I will eagerly be looking forward to hearing about this project when you’re ready to go public! Until then, any thoughts, ideas, advice or help you could offer me as I begin to pursue a completely new career would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Church Web Design and Visual Resources » Why I took a break from mychurchwebsite.com Says:

    […] So anyway… I stopped taking new clients. But I still do the christiancollages.com business. I LOVE creating new sets each week and the great thing is, the site pretty much runs itself. And I’m working on that project I wrote about before in my blog. When I’m done with that, I will either take a few new clients, or I will travel the country… doing something. I don’t know what yet :-)  Something that involves interaction with PEOPLE though. […]

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